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The Key to Mastering Chinese Social Media for Western Businesses

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How can Chinese social media help grow your business?

How can I take advantage of this hidden marketing weapon?


Simply put, Chinese Social Media is the digital marketing weapon that 95% of western companies aren’t taking advantage of. With the stats practically screaming out for recognition, the purchasing power of 18.4% of the entire world’s population is there, ready and waiting.
If you’re not advertising into this enormous market already, you best get to it. Getting a foothold in this lucrative market early could pay enormous benefits later down the line.

But first, some housekeeping…

Very simply: if you want more customers for your business – read this blog.
If you’re interested in gaining a foothold in one of the world’s most lucrative markets – read this blog.

Got it? Good.

Why China?

People looking to scale their brand’s success usually need to communicate their brand to more people – effectively and efficiently. China has a population of 1.4 billion people and an ever growing expanding economy. Furthermore, more and more of these citizens access the internet daily.

The Chinese market and community is a lucrative one, which shouldn’t be so scary. On the contrary, it is an incredibly exciting prospect.

Ok, But How Do I Transition? 

The most common thing we hear when we ask our clients if they’re using Chinese social media is:
I don’t speak Chinese, I don’t have the time or energy, I don’t know the market…”

Well we have some questions for you: How did you build your current marketing strategy? Facebook? Instagram? Google ads? Maybe you only rely on one main platform to market your business.
If you use one platform, then you can change that. If you use multiple, you can add a few more. It isn’t as difficult as you might think

An age old discussion here at We Assist Co is this: “HOW do I build an audience, grow my community and get more customers?”
If you have a team of dual language professionals across your supply chain, marketing, communications, and legal, your business can break through into multiple markets in many different parts of the globe? You simply need the right people around you. 


Where Do I Find Customers?

The fact is, there ARE customers wanting to purchase your product, they just haven’t found you yet, and you haven’t found them. 

How do we find them? Well 18.4% of the world’s population is in China, 65% of which use social media. So social media is where we find them.

How do we communicate our business & brand in the way that we want to, when there is such a strong physical and language barrier? Read on to find out!


We’ve done it ourselves, so we can do it for you.

We created our business with this huge market in mind, so we understand it pretty darn well. We have a team in China along with 3 social media managers here in Australia. One of our Chinese social media experts, Jess, speaks Mandarin and assists with translation. We’re pretty lucky, but we also understand most businesses don’t have this solution to the communication barrier in China. That’s why we incorporate our team to assist our clients in building their businesses presence in the Chinese market.

At We Assist Co, we supply reliable social media, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and operational support in dual languages. We have the tools and strategies in place, to make your transition into the Chinese market a smooth, easy to understand process. We built a process-heavy business with Chinese locals and Chinese Australians – so we understand how it is done.

That didn’t happen overnight.
It took years of networking and finding the right team to assist us, so we can now assist you.


Why should we adopt Chinese social media?

Chinese social media offers an opportunity for western companies to enter the market and see if their brand connects with Chinese consumers from across the globe.

Social networking sites like WeChat are used for a wide variety of purposes by both businesses and individuals. These platforms offer opportunities for business owners who want to get their products or services seen by those interested in them, or just looking for something different from what they have at home. This could include entrepreneurs with an eco-friendly product line that wants customers in China to know about them.

For example, they might post pictures on social media channels of themselves living out their dream career – while wearing their shirts promoting environmental conservation efforts, all with the hopes that someone else may find inspiration and will take the time to check out their eco-friendly products. Chinese social media also offers a huge opportunity for companies who are entering China to build trust and reputability with potential customers.

We’ve solidified the processes required to secure and operate local Chinese e-commerce, brick and mortar stores, or promote specific services to the Chinese market. Using platforms such as:

…and many more.

Our Chinese Social Media team in Australia and China work on communicating your product benefits, helping you build an e-commerce presence to push those luxury-hungry consumers to your own WeChat official business account.
Once they’ve been lured into your brand, we push them to your international website, and boom – more customers, just like that.
The solutions available through Chinese social media are endless; you just need to be in it to win it.

In a Nutshell…

Now that you’ve been inspired, how do we really bring in those customers?

We love using Chinese Social Media platforms such as Little Red Book and Douyin (the original TikTok), to generate large volumes of users seeing your brand or product.
We then funnel your new community to your private or public WeChat accounts and groups where WeChat Pay can initiate transactions.

If you’re in the E-Commerce space, the possible avenues we can assist with are:

  • Daigo
  • Tmall
  • Taobao
  • Alibaba
  • Brick and Mortar (The market is so big that getting your products into one retailer could easily become 200+ stores) 

This said, like all marketing strategies, the approach and direction you take should be specific to your business, brand and goals.
So, if you’re ready to look into how Chinese social media can help take your business to new heights, use the form below for a free complimentary consultation. The We Assist Team looks forward to speaking with you!

The Bottom Line.

Curious to find out how we can assist you in growing your business? Use the contact form below to get in touch for a complimentary business consultation!