You’ve got Q’s, we’ve got A’s.

How can you assist me?

We Assist Co is filled with many talented souls & we can assist you with the following:


  • Product Development / Product Launch
  • Procurement / Product Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Audit / Supplier Vetting
  • Contract Negotiation / Relationship Management
  • Business Development / Coaching
  • Marketing / Lead Generation
  • Design / Web Development


Who do you work with?

Inventors / Business Owners / Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We work with business owners in a variety of industries, ensuring there is the utmost care for your product, customer and community. As a business we make sure we’re all conscious of the impact you want to create.

Whether you need assistance with one or multiple areas of your business, we have you covered. Check out our Top Assists to see some of our recent projects!

What is your service fee?

We cannot say as we don’t know your business – yet. After discussing the challenges / opportunities you face we then go ahead and draft a game plan & send you a tailored proposal with deliverables / timelines / fees.

We understand every business is unique & we have to price accordingly.

Packages are good for phone plans, not the future of your business.

Contact us for a no-obligation consult!

Are your services tax deductible?

Yes. Contact us if you need assistance with accounting!

Are we locked into anything?

No. Absolutely not.

Every Service agreement we propose has a minimum term that is agreed upon depending on the scope of your project. 

This can be as short as a few weeks or as long as a few years.

Do you have experience with shipping & freight?

Yes, we sure do!

From setting up drop-shipping products to freighting multiple containers at a time, we can assist with your fulfilment needs.

Have you worked with proprietary products?

Yes, we have a wealth of experience navigating IP protection across a wide range of industries.

This is a very nuanced area & we are happy to send a mutual NDA before any engagement so we can discuss your product further.

How do you protect our IP?

When it comes to IP one size does not fit all & no single document is going to protect you.

Just as you build any other department in your business the same principles apply to the legal structures required to protect your product / service.

Utilising our trusted legal networks across the globe we adapt the approach to your specific situation & business goals.