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How to Improve Your Attention Span

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How to Improve Your Attention Span

Improving Brain Function & Productivity

In today’s day and age, the next generation of business leaders are fighting to carve out their own slice of financial freedom. With nothing but a laptop, internet connection and a lot of hard work, pretty much anyone can build a healthy, profitable business.
This said, we all know how easy it can be to get sucked into the attention-grabbing likes and endless scrolling on TikTok and Instagram Reels…

The We Assist Co team knows this better than anyone. We spend countless hours marketing for our clients on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and we’ve had to learn how to use these platforms productively, without getting sucked into hours of content consumption.

Here are 10 tips our team agree will give you the best shot at maintaining attention and productivity when running a modern, digital business. Some of these may seem obvious, but how healthily we treat our minds and bodies will directly correlate to your mental acuity, attention span and quality of work when you are sat in front of that back-lit screen for 45+ hours a week.

If you have a bad attention span, you need to read this whole list more than anyone! However, stress not – we’ve narrowed down our top 10 focus and productivity tips right here at the top.
If you want to put your ability to focus to the test, try to read this entire blog to get the most out of these juicy tips!

Our Top 10 Focus & Productivity Improvement Tips

  1. Drink Water (and lot’s of it)
  2. Get a GOOD sleep
  3. Deep breathing & meditation
  4. Stretch & move your body
  5. Consume micronutrients
  6. Believe you can improve
  7. Spend time in nature
  8. Listen to intentional music
  9. Doodling & other creative releases
  10. Eye Training

The obvious…

  1. DRINK WATER (and lot’s of it)

DERRR right? We don’t mean taking a sip of your 600ml bottle every hour or so – drink LOTS of water. At least 3L a day. Buy yourself a big, 1L reusable bottle and sit it by your desk, take a big gulp (or 2) every now and then. Feel that fresh H2O fill your brain with mental acuity – it makes a bigger difference than you’d think.


  1. Get a GOOD Sleep

We know what you’re thinking: “First you’re telling me to drink water and now to sleep?”

Why yes. Yes we are. .

In fact, the significant improvement in mental acuity, sharpness and productivity from getting 7-10 hours of proper sleep each night makes ALL the difference in how you wake up and start your day.

Ensuring you stop using back-lit devices like phones and laptops 1 hour before you go to bed is key in ensuring all 7-10 of those hours are spent in healthy, restful sleep.


  1. Deep breathing and Meditation


COME ON GUYS. Now you’re telling me to breathe???

Again, yes, we are. And drop that attitude mister.

Taking just a couple of minutes to sit and focus on the breath is an underused tool that helps reset the mind after that stressful meeting or technical hiccup. Being still for a moment, observing your own thoughts and feelings float by as if you were observing clouds in the sky, can ground you in the present and prime you to focus consciously on what you need to.
Remember – it’s not about stopping thinking. It’s about observing thinking and de-identifying from it.

Use some deep breathing exercise to transition between tasks and projects, and see the difference it makes in re-centering and realigning the mind.


  1. Stretch and MOVE your body

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in work and end up sitting in the same office chair for hours at a time.
The issue with this is it restricts proper blood flow to your body and brain. Make sure to get up, walk around the block or do some push-ups or sit-ups to get that blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This will keep you feeling sharp and energised, while doing a world of good for your back.

PRO TIP: If you listen to music while working from home, get up and have a little boogie from time to time.
HARD MODE: Do it in the office, in front of your boss.


  1. Consume Micronutrients


It’s easy to grab something quick and easy to eat when you’re on the grind of running a business.
However, you need to think of your brain like a car – if you put low quality, dirty fuel into your car, the engine will run like shit.
Your brain is much the same. Fill your body and mind with high-octane, nutrient rich fuel such as fruits, vegetables and electrolytes and we PROMISE you’ll feel a noticeable boost in productivity and attention span.

Find things you like that fit your lifestyle and dietary requirements. Some of our personal favourites are coconut water, fresh healthy smoothies and plenty of healthy, high quality fats such as nuts and natural peanut butter.

And remember… Stay away from sugar.


  1. Believe You Can Improve

There is nothing more powerful than self belief. Practicing self-awareness, reflection and seeing the road ahead as an opportunity to grow and learn will keep you from putting yourself down when you’ve dropped the ball.
Remember that making mistakes is all part of this wondrous journey of running a business. If you never make mistakes, you never grow. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re probably not pushing yourself hard enough.



Now, time for the less obvious…

  1. Spend time in Nature.


Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, combined with the purity of the trees oxygen revitalises your senses and keeps your body grounded with the planet, the greatest detoxing agent there is.
There are heaps of studies linking happiness, well-being and calmness with time spent in nature. Even if you’re in a city or metropolis, taking some time to visit some gardens or even getting some plants in the office is proven to improve well-being, which will help you remain sharp and focused.


  1. Listen to Intentional Music


Music heals the mind, body and soul. You’d be surprised at the surplus of playlists available on Spotify and Apple music that are designed to boost productivity and tickle your brain with stimulation! Try listening to music without lyrics, as your brain will use energy in listening and processing the words of the music, which can distract you.

Look into Solfeggio Frequencies (we love 528HZ for DNA repair). These relaxing, tranquil frequencies of music contain no lyrics and put your mind in a state of healing and heighten your productivity and attention span.

And remember: don’t be afraid of a small boogie from time to time


  1. Doodling and Other Creative Releases


Whether you consider yourself creative or not, find time to connect with that right half of your brain. This can be through drawing, playing an instrument or belting out one of your favourite tunes! A quick spurt of creative energy can make all the difference in re-aligning your mind and increasing your mood and productivity.

We recommend starting with trying to draw the perfect circle, square, triangle and the infamous straight line. Then move on to some squiggles. Before you know it you’ll be filling a page with creative doodles, stimulating the part of the brain that we often forget to nurture.

3 – 5 minutes a day is all it takes!


  1. Use Technology (lol)

Maybe this one should be in the ‘obvious’ section, however we’re referring to the FUN kind of technology.

There are so many online memory games that stimulate your mind and train it to solve problems. Have a search for your favourites, such as cross-words, mazes, puzzles or chess. Try a new one every day until you find your favourite, and spend some time daily to both enjoy playing, all whilst stimulating your brain and increasing your attention span.


  1. Eye training

Find time to keep your eyes closed (meditation, stretching, showering, etc.). Temporarily removing the sense of sight can assist you in connecting with your mind and soul without the distraction of what’s around you. Also try to train your eyes to stay open as long as you can without blinking!

Another one of our favourites is to hold one finger a few inches away from one eye. Focus the gaze on the finger. Move the finger slowly away from the face. Focus on an object farther away, and then back on the finger. Bring the finger back closer to the eye. Focus on an object further away and repeat three times a day.

If you spend a lot of your day in front of a screen, think about investing in a quality pair of blue-light glasses to reduce the strain on your eyes.


In a Nutshell…

Your brain is the epicentre of everything you do, so looking after it is the most important thing you can do. Feeding it the right stimulus and nutrients will not just make you measurably smarter, but it will also translate into all areas of your life – not just your business.

Keeping a sharp mind and a strong attention span isn’t easy. But just like working out at the gym, if you keep working out that muscle, it will only get stronger and more effective.


The Bottom Line.

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