We assist you in making ethically sourced products & selling them strategically online.

We assist

business owners.

Where do I start?

Maybe you’ve got a great idea. Maybe you’ve got a growing business; or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who see’s a gap in the market. You have the idea, and you see it succeeding. You have a rough idea of the next 12 months to five years, but you just don’t know where to start. You need help getting your business off the ground, or to all new heights.

What do I do next?

Maybe your business has existed for some years now and you’re good at what you do. Maybe a great idea or opportunity has presented itself. Either way, you’re ready to make a change; you’re ready to grow; you’re ready to take the next step; blast through the glass ceiling. But you’re facing difficulty doing it; it’s more staff, more marketing, more logistics, more product, more lines, more things to worry about. And you need a little assistance.

How do I do it?

Maybe your business is in full swing but you want to see the numbers change. You have a particular goal in mind – whether it’s to increase sales, enter a new market, or swap to sustainable manufacturing. You know what you need, you just don’t know how to do it. You’re ready to tighten, edit, and adopt, you just need experts to guide the iterations.

Top Assists.

The We Assist Co Process


We help scaling e-commerce businesses enhance their supply chain processes to assist business growth. We do this by optimising supply chains, co-ordinating suppliers, research & development of new products.


We help e-commerce & B2B business communicate their value to their target audience. We do this by creating strategies that build brand value & increase revenue through optimising the user experience.